Hi I'm Vanessa ....


For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by horses, being around them, learning about them and building my skills riding them. I was fortunate as a child to be able to observe horses in a very natural manangement system, this gave me valuable insight into their movement, temperament and natural behaviours. This early foundation learning really influenced my education choices beyond school and fueled a desire to develop my understanding of both behaviour and biomechanics. 

have been lucky to forge a career within the Equine Industry over the last 20+ years, during this time I have had the privilege of working with horses in various disciplines both in the UK & internationally, from youngstock production to Olympic eventers and all that's in between.



My passion is all aspects of horsemanship & throughout my career I’ve invested in training which I believe to give the best understanding of the horse as an individual. Within my work in teaching, coaching, hydrotherapy, equine massage & bit and bridle fitting consultation the goal is shared, promote welfare & improve performance whilst increasing longevity. Everything we do with our horses & the equipment we fit to them has an impact on their body. I’m passionate about helping owners prioritise & optimise comfort for their horse to promote health & performance.  



Qualifications I hold are ....


Equi-Therapist (trained through Equi Therapy UK, UK Rural Skills) providing Sports & Remedial soft tissue massage to horses of all disciplines 


BHSAI Intermediate Stable Manager & UKCC Level 2 Riding Coach 


LANTRA Accredited Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant through Horse Bit Fit Academy 


BSc (Hons) Animal Behaviour Science 


Further & Higher Education Lecturer (DTTLS) teaching across a variety of Equine Management course programmes


In addition I am an Experienced Equine Hydrotherapist, actively having sole charge over a busy commercial centre








Equine Massage

Equine Massage is an intergral part of supporting your horse to perform & recover at their best. 

Some of the key benefits of massages include;

Improved circulation to promote muscle growth and tone, increased muscle helps to protect joints and prevent injury.

- Releases tension, spasms. trigger points which can manifest and result in compensatory patterns developing. 

- Improves strength and suppleness this means that your horse can better sustain workload whilst reducing risk of injury

Regular bodywork allows for early signs and symptoms to be addressed which is an excellent preventative method against intermittant lamenesses. 


Treatment process

Each horse is indivially assessed and treated in an approx 60-90 minute process.

You will recieve a detailed report at the end the sessions.

All reports are generated through the Equigate App whihh owners download so that reports are accessible directly on your phone.



£50 per horse per treatment 

*Travel charges of 45p per mile will be added to appointments at my decretion 

Bit & Bridle fitting

Bit and bridle fit is completely individual to each horse and requires careful assessment of anatomy and conformation of the head, muzzle, and mouth.

These areas of the horse are covered in a thin skin and harbour a huge amount of nerve endings underneath which are highly sensitive.  Bit and bridle fitting consultations take the guesswork out of bit selection and help reduce the trial and error process, which is often expensive and frustrating for owners. Correctly fitted bridles work to reduce pressure points and discomfort around the head and nose, coupled with appropriate bit selection form assessing unique mouth conformation and the horse’s preferences helps to create a respected contact between the horse and the hand. 


Consultation process

The consultation involves a stable assessment, looking at your horse as an individual and addressing your current tack fit.

Following this, a ridden assessment is required to assess bit selection and fit.

A full report is generated along with recommendations and is completed digitally through the Equigate App. This process takes approx 90-120 minutes. 



£60 per horse 

*Travel charges of 45p per mile will be added to appointments at my decretion